How To Download Your PDF Patterns

After purchasing any downloadable, or digital product from Style Sew Me Patterns, you will have links to download your purchase to your computer. (Mobile device download is unreliable. Please download to a desktop or laptop computer.)

Print At Home

Please remember, your files have a 3-time download limit. After you’ve downloaded that product 3 times, your link will deactivate and you will have to repurchase the product. 
1. Upon completion of payment, you will see a link: "Click here to download your digital goods" below the Thank you message. Click this link.

2. You will also receive an email with your download link. The subject line will be "Order ####" (your order number). When you are on a desktop or laptop computer (not phone or tablet), click the download link and save your files.
If you can’t find your files, it is usually on your Downloads folder or the default folder that your computer has for your downloads – some computers have different download settings.

3. If you're new to PDF patterns, watch our short video on how to print and assemble them. Click here to watch. 

If you have any issues on your downloads, you can always email us at and we would be happy to assist you.

Copyshop Printing

For US-based copy shop printing, we recommend PDF Plotting. For UK-based printing, we recommend Patternsy. Please visit their sites for more details. 

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